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Taking care of my patients is my mission.

About My Practice

As a psychologist with over twenty-five years of experience, I understand the challenges people face as they move through life.  Whether they are personal, job related, relationship driven or a result of accumulated stress or damage over years,  these challenges serve to disrupt one's satisfaction in life.  Not only does this impact happiness, but it can impact physical health, as well.  I commit myself to helping every patient overcome their psychological obstacles in order to achieve a fulfilling life.

Common Issues

Most therapy patients are ordinary people that have hit a bump in the road of life and cannot get past it on their own.   In today's very challenging environment, people are faced with a wealth of stressors from parenting to aging parents.   Marriages are strained as are schedules, budgets, school and social obligations.  Frequently, these challenges create feelings that disrupt quality of life resulting in symptoms of anxiety or depression.  Therapy helps people return to their optimal level of coping with the mild to severe challenges that life brings their way and guide them back to a sense of well being.

Contact and Patient Information

You may contact me by phone (201-445-3299), by email (, or by using the form below (go to form).

If you are a new patient, please review the following three forms prior to our first appointment.  Rather than waste valuable session time, you can  print, fill out and sign the Patient Information form and the Informed Consent form prior to our meeting.  Remember to bring both to your first appointment.  Please review the Professional Policies form and keep a copy for your future reference.

Patient Information form

Informed Consent form

Professional Policies

The Fifth Decade

If you would like to learn more about how this book can help you click here.

Conveniently Located in Ridgewood, NJ Across From The Duck Pond

My office is conveniently located in the town of Ridgewood, New Jersey.  My address, 1172 East Ridgewood Avenue is directly across from Ridgewood's well known 'Duck Pond', and offers the convenience of ample free parking.