Deborah Wagner, PhD
Licensed Pyschologist

In understanding that individuals in pain or having a particular challenge in life may make only one attempt at reaching out for help, I strive to welcome and set at ease each and every individual who contacts me. Most therapy patients are ordinary people that have hit a bump in the road of life and cannot get past it on their own. My commitment is to help those people return to their prior or optimal level of coping with the sometimes mild, sometimes severe challenges that life brings their way and guide them back to a sense of well being.


As a Developmental Psychologist, in clinical practice, I am experienced in treating people of all ages; children, adolescents, adults and seniors. I treat individuals, couples and families with a wide range of issues.  My clientele present with difficulties including depression, anxiety, perimenopause, relationship problems, change of life issues, job, peer and school difficulties, abuse, grief, and more.


My post-doctoral research at Columbia University/ medical school prepared me for working with a wide range of children and family issues.  In my research there, I gained extensive experience with parenting challenges, developmental difficulties in children and relational problems in families.  Many years in private practice have expanded my experience to include working with men's and women's issues, and the challenges of existing in highly stressful environments.

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